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Simmons Kids Baby Cribs    

Simmons Kids cribs are ideal for daycare and childcare centers to house their infants in.  All Simmons Kids cribs are compact to fit in childcare facilities or hotel rooms and are built to fit easily through door ways.  These compliant cribs are certified compliant with the 2011 federal requirements for safety and testing as layed out by the federal government.  All SImmons Kids cribs come evacuation certified in case of a fire or other emergency! They are made with true- Plexi-glass end panels that a caretaker can see through, but will never break.  Simmons Kids Cribs are JPMA and Green Guard Certified.
Simmons Kids federally compliant baby cribs are found in hospitals, daycares, hotels, churches and childcare facilities.  Simmons kids daycare baby cribs were created with daycares in mind and are durable, easy to clean and disinfect, and compact. Allow your kids parents a peace of mind knowing their precious infants will be safe at your facility.